Tips For Obtaining A New Auto Insurance Policy After Your Existing Insurance Company Cancels Your Policy

If your auto insurance canceled your policy because you were involved in an accident and are now rated "high-risk" for another claim, then you can expect to pay more for your next policy. Auto insurance companies use a rating system similar to credit scoring to technologically generate your risk rating for future claims. If your insurance company has rated you as high-risk, then you should assume you are in the rating system's computer now as such.

However, since auto insurance coverage is required by law in most states, you will be able to get a new policy with one of the various insurance companies. To ensure you get the best rate despite now being rated as a high-risk driver, follow these tips:

Tip: Shop Online and Compare Policies Against Each Other

The first place you should look for a new insurance policy is online. Go to all of the major auto insurance company websites and ask for a quote. Ignore those who refuse you a policy and take the policy offers you do receive and compare them to each other. Does one policy offer more coverage for less money? Does one policy have a better deductible amount or offer roadside coverage that the other doesn't?

Tip: Stop Any Behavior that is Making Your Situation Worse

Since you have already become rated as a high-risk driver, there really isn't anything you can do about it for the short-term. However, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you will have to pay higher rates by stopping any behaviors that have caused you to get points on your driving record.

For example, if you have tickets for speeding, then slow down and vow to never get another speeding ticket again. While you can never keep other people from causing accidents and you getting points against your record, as a result, save your points for things that really are out of your control.

Tip: Visit a Local Insurance Agency and Speak to a Broker in Person

Finally, if you have searched online for a high-risk insurance policy and have not been able to find something that both meets your needs and is affordable, then you should strongly consider visiting a local insurance agency where you live. By meeting with a broker in person, they can work with you to get a good policy. If their agency doesn't work with high-risk clients, then they will be able to advise you on the best offerings in your area.

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