Absent Vehicle Title & Registration Questions Answered With Reliable Facts

You have found a vehicle for sale online that seems to be perfect for your budget and your needs, so you reach out to the seller to make an offer. There is only one conundrum: the car has no title. Buying a car that has no title is not something most consumers will do every day, but sometimes this does happen, and it is best if you know what to expect when it does. Take a look at some of the most common questions associated with buying a car that has no title with it. 

Can you buy a car that does not have a title?

Someone can sell a car to you without a title, but this is a purchase that should be handled with the utmost caution. A vehicle with no title has no proof of ownership. Therefore, even if you have paid for a vehicle and it does not have a title, someone who does have the title can step up and say they own the vehicle and take possession of it. There can be logical reasons for a vehicle not having a title. For example, if someone else bought a car without a title and then chose to sell it. 

Can you get a car registered even if it has no title?

In most states, yes, you can get a vehicle registered for roadway use even if there is no title. However, this can be a tricky process. In order to obtain insurance on the vehicle, you may have to be the titled owner, so if you do not have a title to the vehicle, you may have a hard time finding insurance. Before a car can be registered, most states do require that you show proof that the car is insured in your name. 

How can you obtain a title if it has been lost?

If a title to a vehicle has simply been lost, you can usually submit paperwork to the local DMV to get a copy. You will have to fill out a replacement car title form and prove that you are the current owner of the vehicle, and you may have to pay a small fee. If you bought the car with no title and want to obtain a title for that vehicle, you will have to talk to the DMV in your state to determine if it will be possible to get a replacement title for the vehicle. 

Contact your local DMV if you have more questions about your vehicle title and registration

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