Buying A House? Do Not Forget To Purchase Homeowners Insurance

You probably feel a lot of excitement as you work on closing on the house you want to buy. Buying a house is definitely an exciting experience, but it also requires work. You will have things to do, and one of the things on your list will be to purchase homeowners insurance. Here is an explanation of why you need to do this when you need to buy the policy and which features you should choose for your plan.

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance When Buying a House

Most people use home loans to buy houses, which means there is a lender involved with the deal. If you have a lender that will finance your home purchase, they will have some requirements you must follow. One of these is that you must have homeowners insurance on the house all the time until you pay off the loan. Therefore, this is one of the top reasons you need it. You also need it for your own protection. Without it, you will have no protection for your house and belongings.

When to Buy the Plan

The second thing to know is when to buy your plan. You can purchase your home insurance plan anytime after choosing the house you want to buy but before closing on it. It is important to know that you cannot close on the house purchase without proof of homeowners insurance. Therefore, you will need to make sure you buy a plan before your scheduled mortgage closing date.

Features to Find With Your Policy

A basic homeowners insurance plan covers your house and belongings against specific perils, such as fire and water damage. You can add additional coverages to your policy if you desire. Insurance agents call these riders. You can ask your agent what types of coverage you should get, and they will recommend the best types for you.

Information the Agent Needs

You will need to supply the agent with some information about the house you want to buy when asking for a quote. When you call, you will need to have all the house details available. The details you need include the location, size, and materials used to build the house. They will also ask you about the home's features, such as whether it has a fireplace.

Now that you know why you need homeowners insurance and when you need it, are you ready to call for a quote? You can contact an insurance agent of your choice to learn more about your options.

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