Consequences of Failing to Buy SR22 Insurance

After getting a DUI or too many traffic violations, you might discover that you need to purchase SR22 insurance coverage. You will find out by receiving a letter in the mail or a call from your lawyer, and you will know the reason for it and the deadline. But what happens if you decide not to purchase SR22 insurance? You can decide not to buy it, but you will face some consequences if you choose this option. Here are some of them.

You'll Lose Your Driver's License

SR22 is an insurance product that states require for high-risk drivers. SR22 proves that a person has auto insurance coverage, and when a person needs SR22, they cannot skip buying it. The most serious consequence of failing to buy it is that the person will lose their driver's license. You cannot continue driving with a valid driver's license if you refuse to buy a policy.

Instead, your state will remove your driving privileges by suspending or revoking your driver's license. They will notify you that this occurred if you fail to buy your policy by the deadline. You typically will only have a few weeks to buy the policy and submit the documents to your local BMV, so you should not procrastinate.

You'll Never Meet the Required Obligations of Having SR22

Secondly, you will have trouble getting your license back. To get it back, you must purchase an SR22 policy. If you never buy the policy, you will never meet the SR22 obligations the state required for you. When a person needs this coverage, they generally must have a policy in place for three consecutive years. If they do this, they will no longer need the SR22 after meeting the three-year rule. If you do not buy a policy, you will never meet this requirement.

You Could Face Further Problems

The other thing to realize is that you could face further legal problems if you fail to buy SR22, especially if you decide to drive without a license. If you get caught driving like this, you will incur more driving violations and possibly even criminal charges.

These are some of the consequences a person faces when they refuse to purchase SR22 insurance when needed. To avoid these consequences, make sure you buy a policy before the deadline. You can learn more about your options by contacting an insurance company that offers SR22 insurance.

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