NEMT Services And Insurance Variables

Non-emergency medical transportation provides patients with direct access to their medical care providers. NEMT is covered through some insurance policies. Review what types of medical treatments qualify for medical transport services and request a vehicle that will be equipped for your needs or a loved one's needs.

Non-Emergency Services

Non-emergency transport services equip safe, clean vehicles and qualified drivers for those in need of transportation to a medical appointment. Non-emergency transport is also offered to those who are being moved between treatment facilities. A patient who needs to undergo dialysis treatments or chemotherapy treatments may qualify for NEMT services.

Although either type of treatment may be seen as critical in prolonging someone's life or treating their medical condition, a patient may not be in imminent danger of dying. As a result, a patient will not need to ride in an ambulance. NEMT transport providers aid with ensuring a patient stays safe throughout the transport session. A patient who resides in a long-term care facility may also qualify for NEMT services.

Insurance Details

Some insurance policies will cover the costs associated with being transported to and from an appointment or a care facility. If you are seeking medical care services for yourself, contact your insurance provider and inquire about the transport types that are covered. If you are seeking transport services for a loved one, contact their provider and provide details about your loved one's medical needs and the reason they need to be transported.

An insurance company may request written documentation from a medical provider. This documentation should entail why you or a family member will need to be transported to and from an appointment or a long-term facility. If the documentation is not furnished to an insurance provider who requests it, charges for the transport services may not be reimbursed.

Vehicle Types And Arrangements

If you or a loved one use a wheelchair, a large NEMT vehicle that is equipped with handicap features will be needed. If an oxygen tank or ventilator is being utilized on a daily basis, there may be a need for a medical professional to assist you or your family member during the ride.

A NEMT service that will require a chaperone may be covered through insurance. Before any type of arrangements are made through a NEMT service provider, a request for a specific vehicle should be made. In addition, details about the insurance coverage that you or a family member has should be supplied. 

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