Disaster Classics: 3 Tips To Fully Insure Your Restoration Projects

If you have a classic car that you have restored, you probably wash, wax and buff the imperfections out of the paint often. Your care for that car like you would care for your own child, and you never thought it would get in an accident. The car can get hit moving it or taking it out on the weekend. If it is a more rare of a car, you may even be at risk of having it stolen. Having good insurance for your car will protect your blood, sweat and tears from accidents and other problems. Here are some tips to help you get the insurance you need for your classic car:

1. Appraise Your Car to Get the Value and Right Insurance Coverage

When you have a classic car, the book value is usually not the true value of the car. There are many factors that can affect the value of your car, such as condition, rarity, and the work that has been done to it. Rather than just getting an insurance quote for your car, take the time to have it appraised by a classic car expert. Have the true value of your car documented, so you can get the right type of insurance for classic cars.

2. Make Sure That Your Insurance Coverage Covers All the Possibilities

There are many things that can happen to a classic car. Common accidents include mechanical failures, or the car getting slightly damaged at an auto show. Make sure that your insurance policy covers that small damage that is likely to occur. In addition to coverage for small damage, check to make sure the policy you are getting also covers theft and any other damage that may occur. Make sure you have full coverage, as well as any extra coverage for any possible accidents that may happen.

3. Add Coverage for Irreplaceable Parts and The Tools You Use for Restorations

There are also parts that are almost irreplaceable in some classic cars, which you will want to have insured. Many companies that offer classic car insurance, also offer additional coverage for parts. The tools you use to do restoration work can also be covered with the insurance policy, so if they break or get stolen, you will be able to easily replace them.

Getting collision coverage is not enough for something you have worked so hard on. Contact an auto insurance company such as Bozeman Independent Agency to help with quotes, appraisals, and getting the insurance, you need to protect your classic car. 

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