Does Car Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

If you plan on going on vacation and will be renting a car on your trip, the rental car company will probably recommend that you purchase rental car insurance to protect the car. While this might be necessary in some cases, it typically is not necessary for a person who owns a car and has an auto insurance policy in place. Here are a few things to understand about car insurance and rental car coverage.

A normal car insurance policy covers a rental car

When you own a car and have insurance on it, your existing policy would most likely extend over to any car you borrow, including a rental car. The important thing to realize is that the coverage that will extend to your rental car will be the same coverage you currently have. Therefore, if you have liability only, this is the only coverage you may have on the rental car. If you have collision coverage only, this is the only coverage you may have on the rental car. Having liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage are all very important to have on your own car, and on a rental car you drive.

Because of this, you should call your insurance agent before renting a car to find out if you have enough coverage on your current policy for the car you will rent and drive. If not, your insurance company could make some changes to your policy so that you have enough coverage.

It might be worthwhile to buy rental car coverage in some cases

If you do not want to change your current auto insurance policy but do not have enough coverage on it for the rental car, you could always purchase the policy the rental car company wants to sell you. This is a good idea in some situations, especially if you rent a car that is extremely valuable compared to the car you own. Additionally, you may want to purchase rental car insurance through the rental car company if your current policy does not offer all three types of coverage. By doing this, you can be certain you will have plenty of insurance coverage if an accident occurs.

If you are not sure if your policy would cover a rental car, contact your car insurance company today. They can help you determine if you have coverage for a rental car and sufficient coverage for your own vehicle and needs. Contact a car insurance company like Wolf Insurance Agency today to learn more. 

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