Preventing Injuries on Retail Premises

As a retailer, the more liability claims your business attracts, the more your insurance premiums may rise. Liability claims can also interrupt your business operations. Since injuries on your premises can trigger huge liability claims, it's in your best interest to avoid such injuries at all costs. Below are a few measures that can help.

Provide Adequate Lighting

Inadequate lighting increases the risk of injuries in two main ways. First, inadequate lighting increases insecurity because criminals like to strike in the dark to reduce the risk of discovery or identification. That is why things like muggings are common in dark parking lots. Additionally, inadequate lighting decreases visibility and makes it easy for people to stumble on obstacles, which can lead to slip and fall accidents. Make sure your retail premises are well lit in all areas that customers can access.

Maintain the Premises

Injuries from improper maintenance will also trigger insurance claims, so you should take care of the infrastructure in terms of maintenance. Replace loose floor tiles, plug leaking roofs, and repair malfunctioning elevators. 

Clean Up Spills

Slip and fall accidents are common triggers for premises liability claims so you need to clean up floor spills as soon as they occur. Milk, oil, and water are some of the liquids that are likely to cause slip and fall accidents. How soon you clean such spills determine whether you will be found liable for them in case an accident occurs.

Secure All Displays

Apart from slip and fall accidents, retail customers also face a high risk of getting hit by falling objects, such as unsecured displays. Ensure your displays or any object kept at height is secure and unlikely to fall on your customers.

Minimize Clutter

The more your retail space is cluttered, the higher the risk of injury in your store. Clutter increases the risk of trip and fall accidents, clutter can hide dangerous situations from view, and clutter also makes navigation difficult in your store. Ensure everything is in its place at all times and leave clear walkways for your clients.

Have Adequate Staff

It also helps to have adequate staff at hand that can help your customers. The staff can help customers get items that are out of reach safely. The staff can warn staff to avoid dangerous areas. The staff can also direct customers, especially during crowded sales promotions, to reduce the risk of trampling. Ensure your staff is adequately trained and supervised at all times.

Even if you perform all these tips, you still need good business insurance to protect your company. Call local commercial insurance providers to learn more. 

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