Consulting With an Experienced Car Insurance Agent for a New Policy

When you buy a new car, you must purchase an insurance policy for it before you can drive it on public roadways. However, as a first-time vehicle owner, you may have no idea of how to buy a new policy. You are not sure of what factors to include or what ones you may be able to leave out.

Instead of buying one online and not taking the chance to speak with someone from the insurer about your new coverage, you may want to meet face-to-face or talk with someone at length before buying the policy. You may get the coverage you need by meeting first with an experienced car insurance agent.

Finding Out What You Need

When you speak with a car insurance agent about a new policy, you can find out for sure what kind of coverage you need for your car. If you have a lien on it, for example, you may be required by state law to carry full coverage on it. You also might be required to have a certain deductible amount on the policy.

The car insurance agent can tell you what the minimum requirements are in your state and advise you on what kind of policy to buy. You can get insurance that will let you drive legally after you buy your vehicle.

Adding Additional Protections

Your car insurance agent can also tell you about additional protections that you may want to invest in as a new policy holder. For example, if you have no idea of how to change a tire, you may want to add roadside coverage onto your policy. This means you can get assistance if you experience a roadside emergency while driving.

You also may want to include car rental reimbursement with your new policy. If you must rent a car to drive after being in a wreck, you can make a claim against your policy to get reimbursed for what you pay for the rental. Your car insurance agent can ensure the policy pays you for most or all of this expense when you add this protection to it.

A car insurance agent can advise you on what kind of policy to buy for your vehicle. He or she can advise you on what coverage the state requires. He or she can also recommend extra protections like roadside assistance and car rental reimbursement coverage. For more information, contact a car insurance agent in your area.

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